Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Milestone

A milestone was reached today at our house as I dropped Lily off at SLEEP AWAY CAMP! I can't tell you who was more excited...I am thinking it might have been me. Just kidding. She was thrilled beyond belief and tickled to be there with her buddies. This is just a starter camp, 3 nights, but a good warm up for next summer when she will be off to North Carolina for REAL camp in the mountains.


Have a great time, Lily...I'll miss you just a bit! Love, Mommy

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lelly said...


i loved camp. i can't wait for jack to experience sleep away camp (which he swears he will NEVER do!!)

where will she go in NC? i've heard of several camps in the western part of the state.

Kim Sue said...

sweet girls...I took my sweet girl to camp this week too!

Paula Prass said...

Check to see if the shaving cream is missing. Yeah, when the kids went away to camp once Tim couldn't shave. Hmm.

holly christine said...

liz- i added you to my blogroll. thought you'd like to know:)

Tara said...

I remember going to camp every summer when I was younger, I just loved it! I am sure your daughter will too, thank you again for dropping into my blog! I love your cute as pie banner! :)