Friday, November 14, 2008

Me, blatantly trying to increase my chances of winning

So I am surfing this morning because there is a thunderstorm and our neurotic dog woke us up at 4:55. What is it with dogs and thunderstorms? Seems to be a pretty common problem, quite annoying. I live in Florida, you would think the dog would get used to it....but I digress....I was wandering down my much neglected blog roll and ran across a FANTASTIC giveaway. Chances are slim that I will win, since there are over a thousand entries just in the last two days, but somebody has to win, right? Here's the deal....OLD RED BARN CO is giving away 3, count em 3 quilts! They are absolutely gorgeous. One is made with the new line of Sugar Snap die for, even if I did have to scrap with Designer Melissa Averinos over a super cool ring at quilt market....just kidding, she is super nice...but she did end up with the ring, dang it. She's tiny, but scrappy...loved meeting her. One of the many "rock star" fabric designers we met at quilt market. Speaking of quilt market, how can we be so lame as not to tell you about it...we promise to figure out how to download the pics off our new PINK cameras and work on a giant quilt market post very soon.
So, I have totally rambled, but didn't want you to miss out on the giveaway. If I don't win, I hope you do! Good luck...going to research a dog whisperer.

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Jen r. said...

You have the cutest stuff!