Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breakfast of Champions!


I have been trying to shake a cold for over a week now, and with Liz and Lily visiting from Florida, have been pulling many late nights and busy days. So, this morning, I wanted to sleep a little later. Just past 7am, at least! So, when Georgia popped her head up by my bedside this morning at 6:20, I groaned. I begged her to go find something quiet to do and not wake up her sisters and let Mommy sleep just a little longer. She said she would, and she did. When she came back up to see me at about 7:15, she informed me that she had helped me out by fixing breakfast. What a girl! Here is what she came up with: fruity pebbles (but "not too many because we aren't supposed to eat too much junk food"), cheerios, gorilla munch cereal, 3 grapes each ("except Olivia got 4 because I thought she'd like an extra"), and one small yogurt, carefully divided into 3 bowls. And the best part is that she fixed me breakfast too - a large glass of water and a container of sour cream and a spoon. When I asked her about the sour cream, she laughed and said she thought it was yogurt!

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

You have to love children's imagination to create such a lovely meal as that. I'm glad you got an hour more of sleep.

Kim said...

that is just so sweet....sometimes, I think kids just "get it" that we need some extra tlc... Addison brought me a ziploc of ice when I had a splitting headache the other night-I was just so touched that he wanted me to feel better! They really are the sweetest, arent they? Even when they do wake us up at the crack of....