Sunday, May 11, 2008

Favorite Things...

I love discovering some new product or something that is really fabulous, don't you? So, I thought I would share some things I have run across recently that I think are really great.
I picked up some new makeup the other day that I think is really great. First, you have to understand, I am not a big makeup fan. My makeup philosophy is if it cannot be done in 15 minutes, it pretty much isn't happening. So, I like natural, and easy, and quick.
I found this blush that I think rocks!

It is by smashbox. Here is the little snippet from their website:
Experience instant chemistry as your complexion is transformed from so-so to oh-so-glowing! The first intuitive blush, this clear gel reacts with your personal skin chemistry to turn cheeks the color you blush naturally, in just seconds! O-GLOW works on every skin tone, from the lightest to the darkest, to give everyone a customized flush of color. When applied, your skin's moisture activates the innovative formula producing a rosy blush that lasts all day.

So, just like they said, it is a clear gel and you smooth it on your cheeks and it turns pink. And, you only have to use the tiniest bit. So, this stuff will last me forever! love it!

I also bought their lipgloss too. It pretty much works the same way, it is a clear gel, that turns to a really pretty pink, very glossy lip gloss.

I bought the two items together, and saved money buying them that way as opposed to separately.

Have you discovered these?

My kids love these! Crayola Window Markers. My girls park themselves in front of the sliding glass doors and color on the glass and have the best time! They can doodle all day. The marker dries pretty quickly, and once it dries, it cannot be wiped off on their hands or clothes, but a little windex and a paper towel will take it right off when you are ready to retire their artwork and have clean glass again!

Love this book! I checked it out from the library the other day to be sure that I would really like it, and just went out and bought it because I can see myself using this cookbook alot!
Martha Stewart's Cookies

Other new purchases recently...

Microplane grater/zester - fabulous!

Also bought the box grater - my old one was hard to use and broke. No more crappy grater for me!

New shoes...

Leopard print pump

I tried these on at JCrew yesterday, but the line for the checkout was a mile long, so I decided to wait and order from the comfort of my own home...

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