Monday, August 23, 2010

Another 1st day of School!

The summer seems like it went by so quickly I barely had a chance to get in the groove, and now school is back in session. Today was the first day of school here in our area. And, it was a big first day for us, as Olivia started Kindergarten and Georgia began the second grade.
Olivia was pretty nervous about starting school today. I was afraid we might have tears, but we didn't! She was definitely aprehensive, but she put on her big girl pants and gave Kindergarten a go!

I was able to coax a smile out of her and have her pose with Georgia for a picture!

Georgia was eager to start school this year, as she was bored and ready to get back to her friends. She is really excited to have lots of her friends in her class.

Olivia didn't cry, but she was definitely a little nervous. Her friend from the neighborhood, Chloe, is in her class, and they decided to stick together right away.

I hope that your school year starts off well too!

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