Monday, October 20, 2008


The envelope is labeled "Unforgettable" appropriate. I don't know what it refers to, as tempted as I am to rip open this envelope and read it, I am going to have to wait. What is it? My sweet baby's first college acceptance letter. Of course, he is not a baby, he is about 8 inches and 80 pounds bigger than his mother. It seems like just yesterday that he was a baby. Can he be leaving home so soon???? This is a milestone to me, but my very typical teenager is not going to find this envelope exciting at all as it is one of his "back up" schools. We shall wait for the "real deal" notofications in December...and February...and April, sigh, such a long process!


lelly said...

yikes! what a huge milestone :)

Rachel and Jacob said...

aw. my hubby goes to usf :)