Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Noodle Fairy is a Winner!


Georgia is obsessed with fairies these days. Mermaids and fairies. Or Merfairies, as she tells me they are called. For those of you without young daughters to enlighten you... a merfairy is a mermaid with fairy wings. Why a mermaid needs fairy wings, I am not sure. The other day Georgia asked me, "Mommy, are there really mermaids?" To which I answered, "No, Georgia, I think they are just pretend." She replies, "No, you are wrong, there really are mermaids." Okay. If you say so!

But, I digress.

A few weeks ago, we had dinner at a restaurant we really like called, Noodles and Company. We ate at one first when we lived in Virginia, and were tickled to find them out here in California too. They give out paper and sticker sheets for the kids to play with while you wait on your food. The stickers are all different noodles and vegetables. They have been running a contest for kids to create a noodle-person and enter it to win free food for a week. Georgia created a noodle fairy and turned it in. Lo and behold, she won! They called us to tell us and she wins free food for a week. Of course we have to bring her in to get her free food, and odds are that we will buy some food for ourselves while we are there - those guys must really be using their noodles (sorry, couldn't resist)! We went in today to collect and Georgia visited her noodle fairy, who is posted in the restaurant. She ordered butter noodles and a cookie, and the three girls goobled up those noodles.

The portions are huge - fed all three girls with some leftover! I, on the other hand, ordered Japanese Pan Noodles with Beef - Yummy! :)

Noodles and Company is having a contest online too, and you can win free food for a year! What a cool thing!
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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Just wanted to say we have a Noodles & Co. here in Colorado and my daughter loves it! Next time, try the mac and cheese. Such a great comfort food and you will have trouble not snarfing up all your kids' food, it is that good! :)