Monday, January 21, 2008

Cricketzzz Sleeping Bags

If your child has started to have sleepovers, you have probably ventured to the store in search of a sleeping bag. There aren't alot of options between the sleeping beauty and cars sleeping bags and the lumberjack plaid flannel variety. Until now! We have found the ultimate sleeping bag for your child! The interior fabrics are so incredibly soft, and the exterior are totally cool!

Your child (or teen) can have the ultimate luxury sleeping bag, and even have it personalized! These sleeping bags are a great investment to make, because they will work for your child for years to come!

Cricketzzz was started by Beth Lewis and Glenda Weaver in Alpharetta, Georgia, in June 2004. This happened after Beth Lewis' unsuccessful attempt at finding sleeping bags for her children that they could take to slumber parties or sleepovers. Most of the bags available were utilitarian and lacked style and quality. They were not very comfortable either because of the fabrics used.
Cricketzzz Inc. is now a well known manufacturer of sleeping bags for children. Their sleeping bags are made from the plushest of fabrics and every single sleeping bag is unique, just like the children – toddlers to teens - who use them.

The sleeping bags are designed and manufactured in order to thrill the children and give them something they can proudly take with them to their friends'. All the sleeping bags, known as Snoozzzies, are made from the best quality fabrics. The company has a strict quality control process and the bags are designed to last a long time.

Cricketzzz Snoozzzies come in whimsical colors and patterns that have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. There is simply no comparison between Cricketzzz sleeping bags and other similar products. Not only do they make for a great personal use item but they are also the perfect gift for a child.

Sweet Funky Vintage offers Cricketzzz sleeping bags with free shipping and free monogramming! You just cannot beat that!

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