Friday, July 22, 2011

My New Favorite Store - EVER!!

I found the neatest store yesterday - Urban Barn. Swoon! I could have shopped all day. I stopped in yesterday afternoon and since I only had a few minutes, I scooped up a couple of items I knew had to be mine, and told the adorable ladies who run Urban Barn that I would return today to pick up my purchases. I had the best time back again this morning, and bought a couple of really nifty items!

One of them is my new desk chair. How perfect is this chair? It was painted pink (I know!!!) and then painted red and distressed so the pink shows through a tiny bit. And, the best of all - less than $30!!!
Here are a few other fabulous things I saw there... next time I go, I will take more pictures - sadly, I didn't take enough of the really gorgeous displays everywhere I turned!!

How awesome are these sign letters? See the little white coffee table to the right? We bought that to use as a SFV display piece. ($18)

More sign letters - so cool! See the little wagon with the smaller red letters? Yep, that "s" belongs to me and has found a spot on my family room wall!

I loved this vanity stool. The cushions were so shabby chic, and the side has 2 drawers. It was $49, and I was soooo tempted. Don't you think my girls need that stool??

Loved this chandelier made with beautiful, blue Mason Jars. I just know a certain Sydney Walker would love to have that!!

See that large, arched window? I really fell in love with it and just know the perfect spot for it in my living room. I really have to wait to get the OK from Chris before I try hauling that one home, though! ;)

I can't say enough nice things about the ladies that I met who run the Urban Barn. Next time you are in the area, be sure to stop in and enjoy the experience! I bet you can't resist buying lots!!


Kate said...

Missy, That's amazing! Wish I had known that place existed when I lived in CA. I see a ton of stuff I "need". :-)

Kate said...

That place is amazing! I wish I had known about it when I lived in CA. I think I would have "needed" a few of the things there! You should get the stool, it's so cute!