Friday, August 7, 2009

Our fall trunk show season has started!

Our fall collection is here - come see what all the buzz is about!

Attend a show near you, and if there isn't a show near you, host a show of your own - it is soooo easy. Do the math!

invite friends + serve munchies = earn free clothes!

Upcoming Trunk Shows:

Aug 1-4 Frisco, TX
Aug 5-9 Tallahassee, FL
Aug 10-14 Tallahassee, FL
Aug 11-14 North Carolina
Aug 14-17 Atlanta, GA
Aug 14-17 Winston-Salem, NC
Aug 21-22 Tallahassee, FL
Sept 6-9 Hattiesburg, MS
Sept 13-16 Lancaster, OH
Sept 15-18 Michigan
Sept 15-18 Ladera Ranch, CA
Sept 22-25 Michigan
Sept 12-Oct 5 Tampa, FL

Questions? Visit our site for more information!

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